A district to stay and feel at home

Until 2009, the europaviertel area was just derelict land. Since then, so much has happened and the new city district is changing noticeably. Europaviertel West provides work and living spaces for approximately 13,000 people. These individuals are looking for variety and quality. They seek intelligent urban planning, a balanced mix of residential and commercial properties, a broad range of transportation options, wide cycle lanes and footpaths, extensive green spaces and parks, and social and recreational options, including restaurants, shops, child-care facilities and much more. They want a district where they can breathe freely, a district where they gladly stay a while longer – a district like Europaviertel.

Parks and open spaces

Green spaces constitute a full third of Europaviertel West – and at 60,000 square meters, Europagarten is the largest. The park includes playgrounds for children as well as quiet places to sit and rest, sheltered by hedges. Additional parkland close to Europagarten provides more children’s play areas, plus lawns for those wanting to relax.

Zeppelin Park forms a link between Gleisfeld Park and Rebstock Park. It features multi-zoned landscaping, including areas with trees and bushes, and areas with shrubs and grasses. People can walk from Europaviertel and the southern Gallus district all the way to the Nidda river, without leaving these connected green spaces.

Electric transportation

A smart district like Europaviertel requires a smart electrical supply. The local electricity supplier Mainova already put up several electric vehicle charging stations.


There is always something to do in Europaviertel: The nearby Skyline Plaza shopping center in Europaviertel East comprises various shops and eateries across 38,000 square meters. A rooftop terrace with a garden and restaurant is a major highlight. What’s more, Skyline Plaza features a 9,200-square-meter fitness center and spa.

Eating out

There are a number of restaurants and cafés along Europa-Allee. In addition, Europagarten is home to the restaurant Laube Liebe Hoffnung. The striking three-winged wooden structure includes a 14-meter-high outlook tower – which Aurelis built as a striking, highly visible meeting place for residents, neighbors and visitors.

The idea behind the restaurant is unique. The garden-house kitchen serves up authentic and delicious dishes with ingredients sourced from local gardens, fields and meadows. The produce is carefully chosen to be as environmentally friendly, organic and sustainable as possible. All staff approach their work with commitment and creativity – as is plain for guests to see when they visit the open kitchen. The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere; it is a place to feel at ease.


Child-care centers and schools

Public facilities are a key feature of contemporary city districts. There are several state-supported child-care centers and plans are being made for one more. Furthermore, at Pariser Strasse, a public school is being built. Private child care-centers are located along Europa-Allee.