Europaviertel West
in figures

Europaviertel West: dimensions

(Aurelis’ project area, without the Central & Park district)

Gross development area Approx. 670,000m²
Net development area
(without spaces for public services/amenities)
Approx. 314,000m²
Spaces for public services/amenities Approx. 13,000m²
Green space Approx. 219,000m²
Space for transport infrastructure Approx. 135,000m²
Social infrastructure 1 school, 4 public child-care facilities
Residential space (floor area) Approx. 350,000m²
Office/services (floor area) Approx. 255,000m² (without exhibition center)
Living space and jobs For around 13,000 people

Districts: dimensions

Boulevard Mitte (sold/marketed)

Lot size Approx. 57,000m²
Residential space (floor area) Approx. 81,000m²
Office / commercial / services / restaurant (floor area) Approx. 109,000m²
Total floor area Approx. 249,000m²
Floor area in lots suitable for highrises Approx. 109,000m²
Residential units Approx. 800

Helenenhöfe (sold)

Lot size Approx. 29,000m²
School and child-care facilities Approx. 10,300m²
Residential space (floor area) Approx. 49,000m²
Residential units Approx. 460

Boulevard West (sold)

Lot size Approx. 40,000m²
Residential space (floor area) Approx. 110,000m²
Office / commercial / services / restaurant (floor area) Approx. 13,000m²
Total floor area Approx. 123,000m²
Floor area in lots suitable for highrises Approx. 28,000m²
Residential units Approx. 1,300

Parkend (sold)

Lot size Approx. 48,000m²
Child-care facilities Approx. 2,800m²
Residential space (floor area) Approx. 76,000m²
Residential units Approx. 750

Further sold space

Messe Frankfurt (exhibition center) Approx. 108,000m²
GWH and Nassauische Heimstätte (residential space in Idsteiner Strasse) Approx. 21,000m²